A lovely park located between Gillette and Candee Avenues in Sayville, NY 11782

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A Photo Tour of the Creation of the Labyrinth



Many Hands

  Marianne Fulfaro and Suzanne Robilotta


Many Hearts
Breaking Ground

Preparing the Surface



Drawing the Layout


Creating the Mold for the Design



Poured Concrete



Stone Work 



  Poured gravel



Beautiful Results



Garden Gracing the Labyrinth with Smiling Results   

About the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbolic path with healing and spiritual significance. The Cretan pattern dates back to the third millennium B.C.E. and has been used within many cultures and spiritual traditions throughout the planet.

For most, labyrinths represent life's journey or spiritual pilgrimage. Walking the labyrinth often produces a calming, centering feeling.

Although labyrinths have been categorized as a type of maze, unlike mazes they usually have 5, 7, 9, or 11 circuits. There are no wrong turns in the labyrinths path. It is a single pathway that winds in and out clockwise, then counter- clockwise to the center and then out again.

When walking, this alternating balancing motion can calm and quiet one's body, mind, and spirit often inducing a receptive state for meditation and contemplation in the center of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth in Sayville is called the Peace Labyrinth. Built in 2003, it was designed, laid out, and financed by Marianne Fulfaro and dedicated to her parents, Carlo and Carmela Annunziato.

The labyrinth is a seven circuit, Mini-Chartres design. It is constructed of paving stones with red gravel pathways. The design in the center welcomes you with open arms.


The labyrinth is open to the public.

There are full moon labyrinth walks available from March to December. For more information about the labyrinth at The Common Ground contact: 
Barbara Fitzpatrick at contactus@thecommonground.com

For more information on labyrinths on Long Island contact:
Marianne Fulfaro at


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