A lovely park located between Gillette and Candee Avenues in Sayville, NY 11782

In response to rapidly evolving COVID-19 related concerns and to prioritize the health and safety of all of you,
we are canceling all events until further notice beginning Tuesday, March 17th. 

We look forward to welcoming our community back to The Common Ground. As of now you can still visit the park.



Family Fridays Photos

Family Fridays Story Time and More
Fun events geared toward families with young children at 6:30 pm

Reading with Purple Lady ~ Nancy Angermaier
and Hosted by Kathleen McGrath







Time to See the Ladybugs!



Ready to see some real creatures?



A Real Hungry Caterpillar



A Praying Mantis to Help the Garden




The Ladybugs are released to protect the garden
New home for the ladybugs and a happy ending






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