A lovely park located between Gillette and Candee Avenues in Sayville, NY 11782

In response to rapidly evolving COVID-19 related concerns and to prioritize the health and safety of all of you,
we are canceling all events until further notice beginning Tuesday, March 17th. 

We look forward to welcoming our community back to The Common Ground. As of now you can still visit the park.



On Sunday afternoon June 10th, the clouds parted for one hour while many Sayville High School students and their families gathered at The Common Ground in Sayville to attend a reception held in their honor. After several months of hard work the students’ creations were ready! Mosaic stepping stones, bat and bird houses and large trashcans transformed into fine art were permanently installed as “art in the park” for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Kathy Smith-O’Bannon, Acting Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs for the Town of Islip spoke to the group congratulating the community for “taking back the park” and creating a serene environment. Judy Abrams and Grace Papagno of The Common Ground recognized and praised the students, Julia Lang-Shapiro, the Art Department Chair and art teacher Roberta Dalpiaz for their wonderful contributions. Robert Weber, who installed the bat and bird houses led a tour of Sayville’s newest park located between Gillette and Candee Avenues.

The Common Ground and the entire community thank the following persons for enhancing the beauty of our park:

Bird and bat house builders from Mr. Carbocci's class: Brian Ambrosio, Matt Brooks, John Ciavolella, Chuck Davis, Mike Fraccalvieri, Alex Klan, Geilan Leigh-Manuell, and William Meindl

Mosaic paving stones from Mrs. Dalpiaz's class: Jessica Capurso, Farah Cassalini, Alexandra Cassetta, Michelle DeBonis, Jasmine DePompeo, Caitlyn Duffy, Nyla Earley, Deanna Esposito, Jessica Farruggio, Angela Fattarusso, Lauren Fronckwicz, Amanda Giaramita, Tiffany Godschalk, Kathryn Gregory, Kristen Guadagni, Patricia Hanlon, Kaci Janawsky, Amanda Kahane, Toni-Ann Kelly, Lyndsay Kollegger, Jaclyn Kuri, Juliana Martino, Dana Pacifico, Kerriann Pellegrini, Nicole Spalma, Andrew Vall, and Tara Weber

Painted Trashcans Mrs. Kamensky’s class: Alexandra Cassetta and Lauren Fisher (Christina’s World – Andrew Wyeth), Leyla Durdu and Kaitlyn Neun (The Persistence of Memory – Salvadore Dali), Kate Krsnak and Ashley Murray (Bulb Field and Windmills near Rijnsburg – Claude Monet), Brianna Lind and Angela Link (Sunflowers – Vincent VanGogh), Kaitlyn Nowicki, Katie Quinn and Allyson Rofrano (The Blue Boat – Winslow Homer and Campbell’s Soup– Andy Warhol)


Photo by Judy Abrams


Pictured are the students who attended the reception in their honor: Ashley Murray, Lauren Fisher, Caitlin Duffy, Tara Weber, Bob Weber(installed the houses), Nyla Earley, Trisha Hanlon, Amanda Giaramita, Brianna Lind, Kate Gregory, Angela Link, Kaci Janawsky, Dana Pacifico, Angela Fattarusso, and Toni-Ann Kelly.



Photo by Tara Weber


John Ciavolella works on his birdhouse in Mr. Carbocci’s class.



Photo by Tara Weber


Jessica Farruggio assembles the individually handmade and fired pieces of her butterfly mosaic stepping stone in Mrs. Dalpiaz’s class.



Photo by Tara Weber

Brianna Lind and Angela Link paint their rendition of Vincent VanGogh’s Sunflowers in Mrs. Kamensky’s class.


Photo by Judy Abrams

The students and their families admire their art projects permanently on display and part of The Common Ground in Sayville.

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